Back to School and Back to Campus - Tote and Carry

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I remember a time when I wanted my room to be bright pink. It was around middle school. Of course, after a year or so I got really tired of living in the inside of a Pepto bottle and I begged my Mom to paint my room white with blue curtains. Needless to say, pink was out, blue was in. Choosing items for your tweens, teens, offspring and college bound youths can get a bit maddening. Styles and trends come and go at the speed of light. I've come up with some categories to help you out in this quest. It was quite fun coming up with these. It took me back to my campus days when people's rooms would be an explosion of what they loved at the time. Cats, dogs, rainbows, unicorns, stuffed animals, or dolphins would be splashed all over the walls. Then there were the super popular movie, Dali and Scream posters and the intense color schemes. It was a way to show our personalities and passions. No parents to regulate and plenty of peers to admire our handywork.

I'lll start with tote and carry. Bags, backpacks and cases ideal for books, supplies and everyday toting.

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Classic Cameo Tote Chandelier Drawstring Tote






Dramatic Pink Tulips Drawstring Backpack Cherry Blossoms Case Blush Rose Tote Bag



Nostalgia Flower Drawstring Backpack Stones and Pebbles Tote





Neon Tropics Tote Swirls Zipper Case Streaked Drawstring Backpack


Stay tuned for more back to school ideas: Dorm Decor and Things to Wear.

Friday Quotes - Times Square

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"...Come and meet, those dancing feet. On the Avenue I'm taking you to, 42nd Street..." -Al Dubin, 42nd Street Musical








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The wonder of receiving real mail and a Summer Beauty!

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Summer Beauty Square Card

If you're a little bit old school like I am then you can appreciate the joy of receiving real mail. I don't mean junk mail or bills, I'm referring to postcards, cards, invitations, greetings and the occasional (gasp!) actual handwritten letter! I still have a box of about seventy letters that I received throughout the years. Pages and pages of thoughts, impressions and experiences from dear friends an family. I go back and read them and marvel at who has lovely penmanship and who has a way with words and makes me laugh. With all of this in mind, I've created a little card shop where you can shop for beautiful art cards to send your own thoughts, impressions and sentiments.

One of my favorites is this shot of a sunflower against a deep blue sky. I photographed this 'Summer Beauty' in a vast field in Vermont, which is usually associated with winter skiing and snow covered mountains. Vermont in the Summer is absolutely stunning. So lush and green with splashes of color in the form of abundant blooming sunflowers, black eyed susans, daisies and lilies. If you've never been, definitely consider it for future trips.

To celebrate the store opening and find something positive in this sweltering heat wave, use code CALIENTE at checkout and save 15%.

*** All fine art cards are eco friendly and packaged/mailed in recycled/biodegradable materials.

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Stock on Monday - Latest Photos Available

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Happy Monday! It's been a while since I've posted a 'Stock on Monday' entry, but it's been because I've been hard at work expanding the OneDay licensing offerings. I'm happy to share that I now have distinct portfolios available at Eyeem and Alamy. If you are a publisher, blogger, designer or advertiser, check these links often to find the latest additions:

Some of my favorites:

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Friday Quotes - Trees - Kahlil Gibran

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"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky." -Kahlil Gibran

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