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Top of the World Coney Island Tote, Party in Brooklyn Balloons Fine Art Print, The Bonsai one page 2015 calendar, Strawberry Fields Forever Fine Art Print.

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Stock on Monday - Brooklyn Waterfront - Dumbo

One of the most charming places in New York City is the Brooklyn Waterfront by Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. It's one of my favorite places to visit in the Spring and Summer. Being able to stand right underneath and in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges is an amazing experience. There's also a beautiful carousel right by the water. The best pizza in Brooklyn can also be found there at Grimaldi's, and you can indulge in some scrumptious ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. What's not to love! Have you ever been to this part of NYC?

Click here to download this image.

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn waterfront Dumbo Grimaldis New York City download getty getty images stock photo Mon, 13 Oct 2014 12:16:40 GMT
End of Summer - Afternoon on a Hill - Friday Quotes

Afternoon on a Hill

Edna St. Vincent Millay, 1892 - 1950
I will be the gladdest thing  
    Under the sun!  
I will touch a hundred flowers  
    And not pick one.  
I will look at cliffs and clouds
    With quiet eyes,  
Watch the wind bow down the grass,  
    And the grass rise.  
And when lights begin to show  
    Up from the town,
I will mark which must be mine,  
    And then start down!





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Friday Quotes - What to do with your Pennies

"If you have but two pennies left buy bread with one and a rose with the other." 

                                                    -Chinese Proverb 

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) "Friday "pink floral flowers lilies" photography quotes" Fri, 05 Sep 2014 06:13:40 GMT
Totes Magotes - New Photo Art Tote Bags Available at the Etsy Shop Check out the new photo art tote bags available at my Etsy shop.

Save 20% on your tote order with coupon code TOTESMAGOTES (until Sunday July 27th).

How do you carry your possessions
Or your latest obsession
Do you keep them in a bag
Or move them in a sack
Do you fling them to and fro
When you've got someplace to go
Is it a purse or a tote
Do you schlep them on a boat
How do you avoid using plastic
While looking fantastic
If the answer you don't have
I might have some help for that





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OneDayOneImage Photography at the Brooklyn Collective I'm so happy to share that my photography is now available at the Brooklyn Collective in Red Hook. The collective is a store/gallery featuring art, photography, accessories, handcrafted jewelry, home decor and originally designed clothing by local artists. It was an honor to be asked to join and I'm thrilled that they chose my Pink Velvet Flowers photo as the art for the shop's Summer event. Below are a few photos of the locale and my display in progress.








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Farewell to Kentile Floors

A couple of months ago, I finally 'got my shot' and managed to take a few photos of the iconic Kentile Floors sign in Brooklyn, NY. Little did I know that it would be coming down soon after. It's been a symbol of the Brooklyn skyline for the last 50 years. Technically the sign is located in Gowanus, but it can be seen from the F & G above ground train tracks, the BQE (expressway) and rooftops all around the area. Last week, while driving on the expressway I noticed scaffolding and netting on it and my first thought was that it was being repaired. The sad truth is that it's being taken apart because the owners of the building no longer want it on their premises. The K and E have already been taken down and the rest will follow shortly. A lights art show tribute was planned for last night, but they didn't even wait for that to take place. I'm bewildered that this landmark would be removed, but thankfully it's not being destroyed. It's being preserved by local art group The Gowanus Alliance and will be rebuilt/relocated. Perhaps we have not seen the last of this icon, although it will not be the same without the downtown Brooklyn skyline as its backdrop. As I say goodby to Spring and hello to Summer, I bid farewell to the Kentile Floors sign.

View of Brooklyn, featuring the Kentile Floors sign is available as fine art prints (single, framed, matted or canvas wraps), eco friendly cards and 8x12 posters.

A different image of the Kentile Floors sign is also available for download at Getty Images.

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Panama Mola Shot in Action I was so happy to find one of my photos used in a brochure. Most of the time, when a stock photo is downloaded you never know where it will end up. Panamanian Molas are exquisitely handcrafted by members of the Kuna people of Panama. The designs, usually depicting animals, nature or abstract patterns are painstakingly stitched by hand. Molas are highly coveted by both tourists and locals and traditionally presented as framed art, but have now become popular on everything from handbags, to glasses cases, clothing and home decor. In this case the colorful Mola pattern in my photo was used as part of the art for a travel excursion brochure to Panama, Colombia and Costa Rica. Here are a few screenshots of the pamphlet and the original shot. Have you ever been to Panama, Costa Rica or Colombia? If you have, what was your favorite part of the trip?

The Panama mola photos is available for licensing here.




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Eco Friendly Fine Art Photography Cards I'm so thrilled to share that my collection of eco friendly postcards and greetings is now available in sets of four at the Zibbet Shop! All cards are printed on100% post consumer waste card stock with a matte finish.

Weekday at Nathan's Fine Art Photography Eco Cards Build your own set with your favorite OneDay Photos or create a gift box of postcards or greeting cards.

Save 15% at check out with coupon code SPRINGTIME.

What events do you have coming up? Here are some ideas:


Party in BrooklynWant to crash a party in this hip borough? Just look for the balloons and you'll find one.


Round and Round in ConeyNostalgic photo of a Coney Island, Brooklyn ride.


Boardwalk NuptialsNewlyweds walking on the Coney Island pier.




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Quotes - Pink Night in Brooklyn

"Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what you're worth..."

-Katy Perry

That just had to be the quote! :) What is the best fireworks display you've ever seen?


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Magnolias - The Queens of Spring Finally the queens of Spring have bloomed and are showing their colors to perfection. Every year I eagerly look forward to the Magnolia blooms in my area. Brooklyn has so many of them you can't go a few blocks without running into another frothy giant. The flowers are mostly white and pink, but today I saw two unusual varieties in purple and yellow. The highest concentration of these beautiful trees can be found at Magnolia Plaza at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. I do find joy in the ones sprinkled about the residential streets because it's such a welcomed surprise when you find one on a bright Spring day. Here is the beauty I photographed Friday:



(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Fine art photography Flower photos Wall art home decor magnolia trees nature photography Sun, 27 Apr 2014 12:00:00 GMT
Happy Spring Equinox Wish you a wonderful Spring Equinox. May the sounds, sights and scents of the season be with you soon!

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Spring equinox flowers photography Thu, 20 Mar 2014 23:43:01 GMT
Friday Quotes - Gretsky on Taking Chances You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Friday Quotes Vermont photography Wayne Gretsky Sat, 15 Mar 2014 03:42:41 GMT
Friday Quotes - Dorothy Parker on New York City

Poet and author Dorothy Parker on the hopefulness of New York City.

“London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” -Dorothy Parker

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Friday Quotes NYC New York City manhattan bridge Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:54:30 GMT
School's Out... For Winter

School was not out in NYC, as you may have heard by the intense media coverage last week! I learned recently that New York City has only had 11 snow days since 1978. Actually, this photo was of one of the weekend snowfalls... storm number... I've lost count. The snowflakes were absolutely gigantic and there was something so striking about the empty playground, the snow just beginning to cover the green pavement and the very lonely basketball hoops in the background. Winter has been harsh. The harshest this tropical lady has experienced in years. The landscape in the city is so beautiful when it's covered in white, it just might be worth it. :)

Available for purchase!

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Still looking for a treat for your Valentine? Valentines Day cards and fine are photography gifts!Save 20% with coupon code HEART20 - Ends March 15th, 2014.

Searching for a gift for your valentine or friends? Your still in time to order a lovely eco friendly photography card or fabulous 'ready to hang' home decor including posters, fine art prints and canvas gallery wraps. Also available beautiful ceramic mugs and magnets. 

Some great valentine picks for both ladies and gents:

Black Onyx HeartBlack Onyx HeartBeautiful onyx black shiny heart on a distressed pink background.

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Tourist in My City #2 - Green Wood Cemetery


I recently learned that Green Wood Cemetery is and always has been one of New York City's most popular tourist destinations, at least for the last 150 years! A myriad of famous and prominent personalities are buried there and the grounds are spectacular. What I also didn't know is that it's still a working cemetery. So amongst the roamers and tourists you'll also see people actually coming to mourn and pay respects to their loved ones. It's an odd combination, but somehow it works.  For the past 14 years they've held a Memorial Day concert. I used to live eight blocks away from it and was not aware that this event took place. Furthermore, I had not been to Green Wood in seven years. I revisited this lovely place by attending the concert and even though it was rather strange to be sitting by the gravestones listening to music it was a beautiful and peaceful experience. The concert was performed by the ISO Symphonic Band comprised of talented New York students. They played Memorial Day classics like God Bless America and America the Beautiful plus a few pieces composed by permanent residents of the cemetery: Leonard Bernstein & Louis Moreau Gottschalk. It was a wonderful way to honor them and veterans. After the performance I took a walk on the grounds and took these photos. I enjoyed my time there immensely and I hope to return often and soon. If you're even in the area I highly recommend a visit to Green Wood.


***These images are published with the express permission of Green Wood Cemetery

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Brooklyn Green Wood New York Tourist in my City architecture cemetery fine art photography Sat, 22 Jun 2013 16:27:42 GMT
Stock on Monday - Baseball Crowd

Stock photo of crowd at Citi Field stadium in New York City, Queens.Citi Field Stadium

Citi Field was jammed packed during this Summer game. Thought it was an appropriate one to share since the Mets just swept the Yankees a few days ago. I wouldn't call myself a rabid baseball fan, but I did find that sweep rather exciting! Click the photo for more info and licensing options.


(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Alamy citi field crowd photography stadium stock stock on monday Mon, 03 Jun 2013 20:00:17 GMT
Tourist in My City Challenge #1 - Times Square For the last few months I've been planning a photography challenge and I've finally come up with the perfect one. It is often said that those who live in New York City take a lot of what the city has to offer for granted. We live here and many times we go through the motions of going from point A to point B without really absorbing our surroundings. Although I've been photographing city sites for a few years now, I'm still guilty of not truly knowing my adopted hometown. For example, I've never been to Ellis Island or The Statue of Liberty! Well, that stops today.  I have a fantastic list of places I'd like to see, photograph and experience. I will share them with this Tourist in My City Challenge. Perhaps this exercise will also help me to walk a little slower and take everything in, as the tourist do. (much to the dismay of the locals!)  :) My list includes some obscure places that are fascinating due to their history or architecture and also some classics. I'll start with what is probably the most visited place in Manhattan: Times Square:


Times Square Bustle - PRINTS

Thank you for joining me on this journey and if you'd like to share some of your 'tourist in your town' moments. Feel free to leave a link in your comment!

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Manhattan NYC New York City Times Square Tourist in my City challenge Wed, 22 May 2013 01:24:07 GMT
Friday Quotes - Austen on Leisure Time in Nature

"To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment."

                                                        -Jane Austen, Mansfield Park.

Photo: Pine O' Mine

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Friday Quotes Jane Austen Fri, 10 May 2013 20:15:00 GMT
The Magnolia Feast Continues I was so pleased to see more magnolias blooming yesterday. With bright pink buds opening towards the sun, these trees are by far my favorite and right now I'm in bliss because they're everywhere. What is your favorite Spring flower and have you seen it yet this year? Are you growing them yourself? This year I'm attempting to grow New England asters, bachelor buttons, daisies, marigolds, bee balm & zinnias. The plants are still rather small so I'll expect some nice blooms in early Summer. I'm hoping I'll have enough to use a few as cut flowers and bring the bright colors indoors as well. I cannot wait to photograph them, so stay tuned for that!  There's something supremely satisfying about starting plants from seed.

Photo: Dancing Magnolias, for a larger view. Prints available!


(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Spring blooming blooms branches budding buds leaves magnolia pink sky tree Tue, 16 Apr 2013 17:57:23 GMT
Awakening Magnolias This time of the year is quite possibly the most magical in NYC. Nature is just starting to reappear after a long Winter slumber and it's not a slow awakening. One day you walk outside and a tree is bare and then the next day it's covered with buds or fully opened flowers. Magnolias are usually the first and eager to make an appearance. I found a couple of trees putting on quite a show. White magnolias are quick to emerge as they only need to feel a little bit of warmth to know it's their time to shine. The pink heavier and regal magnolias tend to open more slowly as you can see below. When the trees are in full bloom it's a truly magnificent spectacle as I saw last year when all the trees bloomed at the same time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and their fragrance was a heavenly assault on the senses. This year, Spring has been shy to arrive, but it's just as encouraging and hopeful to see scattered blooms here and there. It's a firm promise of warmer times ahead!

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) blooming blooms budding buds floral flowering flowers magnolias trees Thu, 11 Apr 2013 20:27:23 GMT
Empire State of Mind

I often walk around NYC and find myself in neighborhoods like Chelsea, Flatiron & Herald Square. By far, my favorite sight is the Empire State Building. In a way, it's like the Mona Lisa's eyes. Everywhere you go it follows you and it is beautiful, imposing and statuesque from every angle. My favorite time of the day to shoot it is in the morning when the sun shines right on it and the windows sparkle. Above are some of the shots I've taken of this omnipresent landmark. I confess, I've only been upstairs once, and I"ve not yet been to the observation deck made famous by so many films, including the beloved classics Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember. The tourist lines are usually wrapped around the block! I cannot wait to photograph it at night some day very soon. Of course, everyone takes photos of it, but I feel privileged to have the chance to do it on regular basis.

Macy's & the Empire, and Empire & The Garden prints available!

The Empire State Building as seen in Sleepless in Seattle. I wonder if they'll ever do an actual heart shaped lighting display for Valentine's Day?



(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Chelsea Empire State Building Flat Herald Square Iron Manhattan NYC New York Sat, 23 Feb 2013 13:30:00 GMT
Photo Calendar Giveaway - And the Winner is.... Congratulations Deanna W., winner of the Monochromatic Nostalgia Photo Art Calendar!


Thank you all so much for entering. I hope you'll keep in touch with OneDay and check out the latest images, photo stories, new items & upcoming giveaways. Next one will be in the Spring. What would you like win: Home decor: a large print or poster, a set of coasters or an accessory/wearable item like a tee or phone case?

On other news, I've now added a profile on ZenFriends. A fabulous phone and tablet app that gives you access to photos and art by hundreds of photographers while on the go. I spent a good deal of time today immersed in beautiful and unique fine art, landscapes and portraits by fellow photographers. If you're just looking for a moment of zen during the day, this is definitely an app worth checking out! More importantly the app takes you directly to the photogs official websites to browse further or purchase if you so desire. 

What do you think of the new rich brown look of the website? I thought the lovely sepia, weathered tone matched well with the textured landmark photography of NYC that is a large part of my portfolio. I've also shared a little more about OneDay here. Thank you! :)



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Happy Valentines Day - Romance on the boardwalk


I took this photo a couple years ago on the Coney Island Boardwalk. There was just something striking about this couple, so care free, taking photos for their wedding. Even though they were in formal attire, their demeanor was totally relaxed, as you can see by the flip flops and I wish I'd captured them chowing down on some KFC minutes before! It was a treasured moment for them, and I enjoyed it as well. 

With Sandy come and gone, I often wonder if the Boardwalk will every be the same, and all of Coney Island for that matter. I hope there are many more special moments there in the future both for the locals inhabitants and visitors who love it so much. Myself included. 

May you have a lovely time with friends, partners and family. Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad, as we say in my home country. Having 'friendship' be part of the greeting makes a lot of sense to me.

Boardwalk Nuptials - Click photo to view available decor & accessories. A portion of your purchase goes to: Donor's Choose

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Giveaway - Monochromatic Nostalgia 12 Month Photo Art Calendar Hope you are all enjoying a marvelous 2013 thus far! Welcome to the first giveaway of the year! I've been slowly gathering a group of photos that I though would work well together in a themed calendar and it's finally ready. One lucky participant will win this collection of images in a beautifully printed 12 month large format calendar. Monochromatic Nostalgia includes iconic views of New York City and New York state as well as some nature floral shots in subtle tones. Your calendar will start on the month of March 2013 so you can get full use of it. To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter form. You can gather up to 20 entries and return everyday to gather more by sharing the giveaway on Twitter and Facebook! Thank you very much for entering and good luck! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monochromatic Nostalgia - Photographed by JC/OneDayOneImage Photography:
Round and Round in Coney (Cover Image - Coney Island, Broklyn), Height of the Blizzard (Brooklyn blizzard of 2010), Safe Passage (Brooklyn Botanic Gardens), Faded Blooms (Sepia cherry blossoms), Nostalgia (white dahlias), Take Me Out (Stadium in Queens), Splish Splash (Columbus Circle Fountain), Strawberry Fields Forever (Central Park - John Lennon tribute), Boardwalk Nuptials (Coney Island), The Trestle (Rosendale, NY), Top of the World (Coney Island), Empire & the Garden (Manhattan).

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) City New York calendar contest giveaway photography sepia Mon, 21 Jan 2013 01:21:29 GMT
Featured on RedBubble and mi bello Panama

The start of 2013 is turning out to be fantastic! Firstly, I received a RedBubble prints promo today and my 'Take Me Out' photo of Citi Field was included once again. I'm very happy and grateful for this 'printsly' feature! Secondly I had the chance to escape the cold and visit the balmy tropics of Panama (my home country) this past week with many many photography opportunities. I've already posted the shot I took of Gatun lake, which is just so lush and beautiful. The entire area of Gamboa is protected so the Panama Canal can function properly. The Canal uses the natural movement of water from the lakes, rivers and oceans so the eco-system must be pristine so water levels can be optimal. It's great to see a technological marvel that does not hurt nature and works with it. I will be sharing more photos of both city and nature Panamanian landscapes! Also stay tuned for the upcoming full 12 month calendar giveaway, which I will be posting shortly!

(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) Bubble RB Red feature featured promo Sun, 20 Jan 2013 14:55:44 GMT
Featured on RedBubble front Page! Happy Holidays! Just wanted to share some wonderful news. On Dec 15th my photo "Take Me Out" was featured on the front page of  RedBubble.  It was taken on Summer of 2011 at Citi Field Mets Stadium in Queens, NY:




It was a wonderful surprise and I received a lovely message from the editors:

"Take me out" is currently available on RedBubble as a Poster, Framed, Matted or Single Print and as photo art accessories including: T-shirts, hoodies, & iphone cases. It is also part of my new Monochromatic Nostalgia 12 page calendar. To save 10% on the calendar enter code HELLO2013 during checkoutWish you all a Merry Holiday and I'll be posting some of the magical holiday decorations I captured in Midtown Manhattan yesterday so come back soon! 



(OneDayOneImage Fine Art Photography) featured photography redbubble Wed, 19 Dec 2012 20:07:31 GMT
And the winners are... End of Summer Giveaway Thank you all for entering the OneDay Summer Giveaway! After a whopping 731 entries the winners are: Amber C. & Ken W. Congratulations!

The Fall Giveaway will be announced in the next few weeks and check back often to see the latest photo art additions.

Happy Autumn!





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New Facebook Page & Giveaway! To celebrate the OneDayOneImage Facebook page I'm having the first of many giveaways! Follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form below and submit up to 24 entries to win! Thank you for entering!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Coaster & Magnets Samples



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